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Hello, my name is Chris Binnie and I'm a DevOps Security engineer who's also done a bit of writing.

For my day job I'm currently a DevSecOps consultant who deals with Container Security and CI/CD pipeline security using Puppet and Ansible for Configuration Management, Docker and rkt for containerisation and Kubernetes and OpenShift for orchestration.

On this site I've included twelve (some a little dated) full-length Linux articles which I've written. My newer magazine articles tend to be more related to Container Security and DevSecOps so check for links on the left-hand side and above if they're of interest. All the content on this site is free but please don't copy it without permission (get in touch).

Over the years I've written about many different subjects, my favourites on this site are probably the Postfix and NTP articles, which are all suitable for SysAdmins and DevOps engineers. One example of what's available elsewhere is a Linux Magazine article which I wrote about uploading data securely to Amazon's S3 Cloud storage called To The Clouds. One of my Admin Magazine articles from a while ago looks at ngrep and can be found here: Network Grep.

There's also another twelve free, much shorter articles from 2013 available here covering a wide range of topics on Techopedia, such as a piece about Mean Time Before Failure; all twelve articles can be found here.

   Linux Books

If you've enjoyed reading the technical content on this site then please have a look at my Linux books which were both published in 2016 and some of my articles in Linux Magazine and Admin Magazine are available on their respective websites.

Linux Server Security: Hack and Defend by Chris Binnie           Practical Linux Topics by Chris Binnie

Postfix Howtos

I've written three articles on the admin and performance of the powerful Postfix MTA.

Docker Security

I wrote about the heavyweight champion of containers here: Docker Security.

Monitoring Howtos

There's comprehensive articles about the excellent Monit and the flexible nload.