Container Security and DevSecOps

Containers Running Containers - the launch of Docker's LinuxKit offers us food for thought.

Docker Layering Model - There's no question that DevOps has an affinity with diffs.

Lazy, Privileged Containers - taking the easy approach is not good news on several levels.

Hardening Docker Hosts - Make full use of Docker Namespaces to protect root on your hosts.

Docker Volume Security - create a temporary volume that disappears when your Container stops.

Container CVEs - prevent vulnerabilities entering your containers.


   Linux Books

If you've enjoyed reading the technical content on this site then please have a look at my Linux books which were both published in 2016 and some of my articles in Linux Magazine and Admin Magazine are available on their respective websites.

Linux Server Security: Hack and Defend by Chris Binnie           Practical Linux Topics by Chris Binnie

Postfix Howtos

I've written three articles on the admin and performance of the powerful Postfix MTA.

Docker Security

I wrote about the heavyweight champion of containers here: Docker Security.

Monitoring Howtos

There's comprehensive articles about the excellent Monit and the flexible nload.